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Frequently Asked Questions


I've never been on a fishing charter before, how should I get started?


Ask us all the things you aren’t sure of. We are more than happy to answer any and all questions. Questions such as what’s in season, what fish do you catch, and where to start? Also what has the weather been like and what should we expect?


What do I need to bring?

All you will need is whatever you want to eat or drink. We have a cooler on the boat that is dedicated to drinks and sandwiches and plenty of room downstairs in the cabin for backpacks and other personal bags. Sunscreen and hats are also a great idea as it can get hot sometimes. Don’t forget a camera to take pictures of your catch as well. Lastly, a cooler is great to take the fish with you.


Does the boat have a bathroom or head on it?

Yes we do have a bathroom on board and its down below in the cabin for private use.


Does the boat have all of the proper safety equipment?


Yes, above and beyond. We are required by law to carry all the proper safety equipment per the United States Coast Guard. We have all the proper lifejackets, EPIRBS, fire extinguishers, life rafts, flares and all other life saving devices and then some. We have a VHF radio that we monitor all day and stay in contact with other vessels. We also always have a float plan so others on land know where we are going. Prior to the trip everyone will be given clear instruction on where all of these devices are. We make sure we are well prepared in case an event was ever to happen. The captain is fully licensed and insured as well. This is so important and the process and is something that should always be asked before going on any charter.


Do I need to get a fishing license to fish on the boat?

No you do not because we carry a license that covers everyone.


How many people can we take?


We can take up to six paying customers. That is what is required by law. If you have a trip that is more than six we have a great network of captains that we can try and put together a multi boat trip.


Are six people to many on the boat?


No. Our boat has plenty of room and can easily fish and seat six people no problem.


What kind of baits do you use?

 We us all different kinds of bait such as sardines, squid, shrimp, pinfish, threadfins, whitebait, and other different types of live bait. It depends on the fish we are targeting and what bait is around at the time.


What types of fish do you do?


We do mostly bottom fishing and trolling. We have this dialed in and will always do what is going to be the most action or the technique that is going to catch the fish. We have a good routine and stick to it and so far has not let us down!.


What are the chances we are going to catch fish?


Very good. The Gulf of Mexico has some of the best fishing in the world. Our shallow reefs, ledges, and wrecks provide a great abundance of life. There are so many species of fish that are able to be caught and we can cater to your needs. If there is something that you want to catch or a certain trip you have in mind let us know and we will try and advise you on what trip you are wanting to book.


What happens if we don't catch a fish?

Your trip is free - plain and simple.


We want to catch a trophy fish or big fish?


So do we! We always want to catch the big ones and if this is what you want let us know and we will work with you and choose the trip what makes the most since to catch you the big ones.


I want to have my catch mounted?


Perfect! We are an agent for Grays Taxidermy and we would be more than happy to help you with the process of having your trophy catch mounted.


We want to eat the fish, but don’t have the means to cook it?


That’s fine as there are many restaurants that we can refer you too to have your catch cooked for you. It’s an awesome way to enjoy your catch without the mess of cooking it yourself. It’s fairly inexpensive and there is nothing better than day boat fish!


What is your cancellation policy?

Your trip most be canceled 72 hours in advance to pay no fee. After that the deposit is non refundable. If the captain cancels the trip then the deposit will be refunded.


Where is the marina we leave from?

12795 Kingish Drive, Treasure Island, NY 33706


What time do we need to be at the dock?


A day or so before your trip the captain will contact you and arrange a time. We are flexible on the times in which we can leave, but sometimes have a strict schedule we must follow. Most days leaving 7-8 AM with longer trips usually leaving earlier.


How much gratuity do I give the crew?


Standard gratuity is 18-20%. Like going out to eat and having good service. We promise to make sure you have a great time and take care of you the best we can.


Why do fishing charters cost so much?


Owning a boat in general is expensive. When you add in all of the safety gear, tackle, slip rent, maintenance that keeps the boat safe and running, insurance, fuel, and hundreds of other things this can be costly business for us. We price our trips accordingly and think that we charge a more then fair price for the top notch experience that you will get with us and the nice boat that we offer.

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